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Focus on Property management, rental managers - Not fancy web pages.

Wilson property management Ipswich Brisbane, it is just one flat fee. Our property management strive to provide customers, with best practice rental managers services.

The normal Residential Tenancy Authority commission for a rental property fee is 5.5 %. This is the standard amount most real estate agents advertised. However most agents do not mentioned other added cost for services such as administration, management fees and advertising.

WPM focuses their services in rental property management. Wilson property management; Ipswich Brisbane just sell properties at our client request. We do not go out of our way to obtain listings for sale. Just like a private club, we look after our own. WPM offers our clients an attractive discount off the normal sales commission, with no upfront fees!

Other services.

Experience with search engine optimization. See Alexia ranking below. We find buyers and or suitable tenants faster.
we take pride in our low vacancy proven track record.
Provide free real estate advertising and screening of tenants between leases.
Wilson property management assures real estate services are maintained.
No after hour costs whilst attending to repairs.

Protect your interests with a comprehensive lease and rental agreement.
Our rental managers maintain and provide the highest professional services all customers.

For sale by owner. FSBO)

The above is a service we provide to our clients who wish to sell the property themselves. See testimonial below.

Flat fee is only $550.00 total commission. We will truly save you thousands of dollars, see testimonials.

Rental Property administration services.

We are a step ahead with current market analysis. This ensures the highest return on your investment.
Our rent increase keeps up in line with market price and demand.
Anything more than the market price will leave the unit vacant for much longer, which means longer vacancy rate plus a larger turn around of tenants. Not good business practice.

Wilson property management is proud of our proven low maintenance track record and low vacancy rates.
Contact our rental managers to obtain a free current rental appraisal.

Wilson rental property accounts services.

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT- computer software.
Electronic funds transfer to your nominated bank account.
Detail monthly statement.
End of year financial summary. This Includes all your tax deductions on the one statement.

Property management Customer service package.

There are jobs for which NO FEES are charged. These are detailed below in our services packages.

No charge for lodging insurance claims. Or for submitting claims for real estate property landlord insurance or the building service authority for building defects. Attending all building service authority inspections and repairs and submitting claims. Wilson property management does not charge readvertising fees for new tenants.

No charge for court attendance. We attend to all hearings and pay all court costs. The usual fee some agents charge is $80- $120 per hour.

We do not charge for after hour emergencies. Clearing blocked drains/toilets. Assist your tenant who may have difficulty with changing light bulbs. Small repairs - tighten clothes lines. Touch up walls with the same colour code paint, just to mention a few. No need for the handyman.

The above real estate Property Management Services Packages are free. This is simply because we have all these resources at our immediate disposal.

Wilson Property Management Brisbane Best Practice.

Wilson property management advertises with all major advertising agencies. These will provide the best results.
Visitors or tradesman will always be escorted. We will not hand out your keys.
Proactive: We are on call, hands on.
Communication: We communicate, rectify and solve all issues. Address all concerns.
Our focus in order. 1st owner, 2nd tenant, 3rd Wilson Property Management.
Wilson property management is committed to providing our customers with the best treatment.
Wilson property management liaise with council, or any other body on the owners behalf.
Reliable, honest property management company bound by integrity. Your investment is our priority.

We are totally dedicated to service and committed in providing low maintenance, low vacancy rate and high duty of care.

Simply compare our yearly ROI with others you may have in your portfolio.